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Steam Railway SR467 – On sale NOW!

Discussion in 'Steam Railway' started by Thomas Bright, May 19, 2017.

    This month’s edition of Steam Railway features an EXCLUSIVE interview with Sir Peter Hendy – the chairman of Network Rail.

    Steam Railway SR467 - on sale NOW!

    In Part One of our exclusive interview with the NR head, Sir Peter outlines his passion for steam and how the national network will provide a safe haven for main line steam in the future.

    From the future to the past, as in another interview, we speak to legendary main line driver Gordon Hodgson, who recalls nearly six decades on the footplate. The concluding part of this fascinating insight into his footplate life will be published in a future edition.

    Elsewhere, a former Shadow Secretary and current MP calls for the NRM to answer our questions about its disposal of the ‘T3’ to Swanage, while the museum unveils its plans for a radical shake-up of the Great Hall.

    There’s also full coverage of the ‘Great Britain X’ and why Union of South Africa failed to attend, as well as plans for Oliver Cromwell to take part in a 1968-themed gala next year.

    You can read all this and more in the latest edition of Steam Railway – the world’s biggest selling steam magazine. On sale now!

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    The great hall plans look interesting

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