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2017 October - Long Weekend Outdoor Update

Discussion in 'On Track.' started by Karen Willans, Oct 12, 2017.

    Friday Tasks

    • Ty Mawr ------ Picked up the Quarry Siding West turnout bearers and remaining long uncut bearers.

    • Unloaded the plastic buckets into the orange hut at Cynfal

    • Unload the turnout bearers at Quarry Siding

    • East of Quarry Siding loop - located a site, built a crib and unloaded the other long bearers with batons between them.

    • Crowed one of the Quarry Siding stock rails

    • Loaded the crossing for the new turnout and the crow frame + nose And took to Pendre.

    • Investigated the watercourses in the milepost 5 ¾ area.

    • Tidied the Quarry Siding shed entrance area

    • Concentrated the track fixings in Quarry Shed

    • Laid out the sleepers at resleepering site by 4 ½ milepost

    • Found spanners for taking the turnout crossing apart at Quarry siding

    • Brought down enough of the ex Network sleepers for the sidings

    • Swapped one of the switch blades with a better from at Ty Mawr

    • Brought down two ex Trecwn softwood sleepers for replacing two defective steps at Cynfal

    • Sorted out the mud in the entrance to Rhydyronen

    • Moved the cement mixer from Wharf to store at Pendre

    Saturday – Monday Tasks

    • At Brynglas prepared some displaced rails for loading

    • At Brynglas investigated a drainage issue just west of the loop

    • At Brynglas loaded a surplus sleeper to go into stock at Quarry Siding

    • Placed the telecoms wire behind the fixings West of Brynglas loop

    • Returned all the skates to Pendre for attention

    • Offloaded and appropriately distributed the scrap, rubbish and sleepers at Wharf

    • Returned the tools, firewood, fishplate nuts and bolts to store at Pendre

    • Ty Mawr Loaded the other two sets of turnout bearers and took them to Wharf

    • Raked up a lot of the cut grass in the memorial garden

    • Strimmed the drive at Abergynolwyn

    • Strimmed the playground at Abergynolwyn

    • Leaf blowing the drive and entrance at Abergynolwyn

    • Leaf blowing the track in the platform area at Abergynolwyn

    • Removed another five 1 ton bags of stones from Cynfal stream (That’s twelve this year!). We also put another ton of stone on the boflat for use at Wharf

    • Returned the empty dredging buckets to Quarry Siding

    • Fuelled the Bobcat

    • Obtained the required measurements on the creep bridge at Brynglas

    • Loaded the ex trecwn turnout sleepers from the rail stacks

    • Offloaded the sleepers at Wharf after moving the long softwoods

    • Rodded the drain at the west end of the loop

    • Measured and paired the curved BS50 rails for the Wharf south side sidings

    • Fitted two of the museum wagon protector tops

    • Removed the concrete from around the base of a Limit of Shunt post

    Update and photos by Keith Theobald


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